2019 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Modeling, Simulation (AMSMS2019)


会议名称:2019 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Modeling, Simulation (AMSMS2019)










The 2019 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Modeling, Simulation, AMSMS 2019 is a major annual international conference to bring together researchers, engineers, developers and practitioners from academia and industry working in all interdisciplinary areas of Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Modeling, Simulation to share their experience, and exchange and cross-fertilize their ideas. Original papers are solicited in topics including, but not limited to the following:

Topic 1: Mathematics



Applied Mathematics

Computational Mathematics

Control Theory and Automation

Data Mining and Soft Computing


Mathematical Chemistry and Biology

Optimization and Operational Research

Rough Set and Soft Set Theory


Theoretical Computer Science

Topic 2: Statistics

Probability Theory

Stochastic Processes

Simulation, Parametric and Nonparametric Inference


Baysian Inference

Regression Analysis Estimation Theory

Decision Theory


Statistical Tomography and Image Processing

Sampling Theory Etc

Topic 3: Simulation Tools and Platforms

Enterprise Resource Planning

Petri Nets

Virtual Reality and Graphical Simulations

Discrete-Event Simulation

Security/Emergency Support Tools

Plant Simulation

Domain-Specific Tools

Serious Games

Team-support Tools

Education and Training

e-Learning Platforms

Laboratory Simulation Software

Computer Simulation Techniques

Case StudiesTopic 4: Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation

Collaborative Systems

Business Process Modeling

Multiscale Simulation

Performance Analysis

Social Systems Simulation

Swarm Simulation

Fluid Dynamics

Biological Systems

Environmental Modeling

Crisis Modelling and Simulation

Topic 5: Formal Methods


Planning and Scheduling


Conceptual Modeling

Stochastic Modeling and Simulation

Dynamical Systems Models and Methods

Non-Linear Systems

Distributed Simulation

Decision Support

Mathematical Simulation

Neural Nets and Fuzzy Systems

Risk Analysis

Topic 6: Application Domains

Automotive Industry

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Military and Defense

Construction Engineering and Project Management

Telecommunication Systems and Networks

Energy and Power Systems

Electronics Design and Manufacturing

Industrial Processes

Logistics, Traffic and Transportation

Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

GIS/GPS Systems

Other Related Topics